Wally’s Carpet & Tile Flooring Store

Wally’s Carpet and Tile Flooring Store,  has Two locations, Yucaipa, and San Bernardino CA.  Highland was our original store founded in 1954, on the values common back in the day. We still see these values today but not as much any more. Years ago business was done with the trust of a hand shake, your word was your bond, a man was only as good as his word. If someone told you it was done, it was DONE! Our flooring store story is one of these, solid values passed along through the years.  These values are how Wally’s Carpet & Tile Flooring Store began and it is the foundation in which our flooring stores stand on today.

 Wally’s Carpet & Tile Flooring Store has a great inspiring business story, beginning back in 1954 with true hometown values by Wally Johnson. The Wally’s story is more than just a flooring store that started in Highland CA long ago. A store that sells and installs Carpet, Tile and Wood Floors etc. and they all lived happy ever after. It’s more than that. Wally’s Carpet and Tile flooring store, may appear like others in many respects. We are dealing with the daily challenges of building and maintaining solid customer relationships, providing everything possible to keep customers happy. Hoping they return back and send family and friends in for their flooring needs. This is what everyone in business is striving for or at least they should be.


Wally’s Carpet & Tile Flooring Store is growing and adding locations to better serve you. We have moved from our original location in Highland Ca. to our current location in San Bernardino and our flooring store in Yucaipa Ca. is thriving. Wally’s Carpet & Tile Flooring Store has thrived throughout the years without buying into the pressures and newer tactics by some. We stay competitive and provide a unique added value with our expertise and personal attention to detail not found in the big box stores. We are proud of our history and story. We hear our customers appreciation of our style and approach to flooring, which reminds us everyday of the value of our unique beginning. Look us up on



http://plus.google.com/+Wallyscarpet and see the reviews for yourself. We are proud of them.